[Pause] an algorithm


This video piece is a short iteration of my experience of [Pause], curated by Cleo Fagan, at the Ranelagh Arts Festival. I was commissioned to write a reflective piece on my experience of the event, and subsequently the idea of videoing my experience came into the frame. On the day I was followed around by a (very nice) camera man, none of whose footage is included above, while at the same time I had a personal camcorder in my hand, viewing from the body.

I spent about 5 or 6 hours out at Ranelagh on a Saturday, I tried out as many permutations of the ‘mystery trail’ as I possibly could. Needless to say there is a huge amount left out, and the video above is but one articulation. This video piece will shortly be twinned with a reflective text. It’s interesting how time is a helper in this – It’s well over 4 months since I experienced [Pause] in the flesh – but I feel that only now I’m getting to grips with my own response to it…

PART II can be found here.

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