mis-Orientation, Electromagnet & Nautical Compass, (2010)

I’m exhibiting with Difference Engine at the minute, over in New York City at a place called the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Centre. I’ll post a little about the building another day, but for now I want to share a glimpse of one of the pieces I’m exhibiting called mis-Orientation.  It’s a nautical compass, which I bought at the market in Limerick one Saturday afternoon about a year ago, and above it is suspended a home-made electromagnet.

You can see the effect in the video:

You also hear Jessamyn Fiore speaking on the phone, giving directions to a friend who is making her way to the CSV centre to see the show. I thought it was a kind of nice allignment between me filming the mis-Orientated compass and Jessamyn giving directions… American style… I love the way the layout of the city forces this strange verbalisation of direction – all zooming down towards a point on a grid.

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