A Response to You, the Park

Today I walked through you

I mean I really walked through you –

While I listened to you,

I listened to you.

But I did not see you…

I did not see the ugly, nor did I smell

The ugly.

I saw the grass churned up from footfall

And I think I may have met you

On an Anomolous Day…

… which made your voice all the more

Lonely to me.

I don’t really know why you’re here.

A man said “it’s because of freedom”.

Maybe you aren’t necessary.

But for that very doubt you are


Can you be necessary and not necessary

At the same time?

Can you be two at once?

I think that is the question

That most destabilises reality.

But I think it is important to Believe

either way…


So choose:

Choose the reason

Choose the path

Make your own purpose


I believe you have one at least,

I believe you are necessary.

I’m glad you’re here.

I’d be lost without you,



Written in Oct. 2010 – after an audio-tour (by Jenny Guy) of a park in Ranelagh, as part of [Pause].

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