An F shaped antenna from CTVR’s research lab at DIT. Thanks to Dr. Mathias John for the sample!

I’m learning about Antenna’s. I have been for a while… eavesdropping on them, on the language around them. Prof. Linda Doyle refers to Antenna Engineering as a ‘Black Art’. No one really fully understands what’s going on when it comes to antennas. How is it that they send and receive the communications they do? How is it that one can ‘modulate’ information onto or into a wave frequency? How is it that these immaterial and invisible phenomena were ever discovered in the first place? And how is it that, generally speaking, the average individual is pretty unaware of the rather large antenna towers that are planted about the place, city & country? Unaware or unconcerned.

The Irish Eiffel Tower (as I call it). A Still from a Super 8 film in progress exploring antenna’s and communication…

Why should anyone be aware or concerned about such things? Well, that’s a good question, and myself and a small team at CTVR (Linda, Mathias and Antoine so far) aim to address this question… historically, poetically,  mathematically :)

Another antenna from CTVR’s antenna lab at DIT. These are ‘dud’ antenna’s that didn’t make the grade… or the frequency, rather.


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