Elsie’s Counter – A Live Gallery Reading at the Highlanes, Drogheda.


Well, I’m delighted to say that the reading of Elsie’s Counter (as part of the LFTT Library’s Things in Translation exhibition at the Highlanes, Drogheda) was a great success. We had a full house at the Highlanes (over 60 people), and the audience were so sensitive to and appreciative of the fact that we were recording. Speaking with some people afterwards, I learned that the audience were stifling their laughs and chuckles at times, and keeping as still as they could, for fear of disrupting the recording. How lovely is that!?

It was my first time ‘performing’ in any piece of work that I’ve made, so I was reasonably nervous about it. But, having a set of binaural headphones in my ears and remembering that my main role was to capture the ‘Foley Sound’ as clearly as possible, I lost my self-consciousness and became an embodied microphone, an active listener.

I can’t thank the actors enough for their reading of the text, Elsie’s Counter. Maura Foley, Stephen Brennan and Anita Reeves brought the story to life, in a way I had only barely imagined.  And equally, I cannot thank Aoife Ruane, curator and director of the Highlanes, enough for her enthusiasm and support, emotionally and through her generosity with the resources of the gallery, technical and human (I mean the outstanding Highlanes staff and board members!). And of course, I must thank the ‘Foley Artist Chorus‘ who summoned fire through crumpling paper and breaking matches!

I’m working with Aidan Foley at Masterlabs to bring the recordings of the live reading to vinyl. This would not be happening without the assistance of Neil Conlan, who expertly commanded the zooms and microphones on the day, and tidied up the audio stems for mastering.

I should have the vinyl by tomorrow, and so hopefully it will be installed early next week.

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