Follier Uppers – A collaborative video project in Ballyfermot

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I’ve just begun this week a collaborative video making project with a group of 9 people at The Base in Ballyfermot. The project is called ‘Follier Uppers’ and it’s an offspring of the Inherit Ballyfermot project that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, with fellow artist Aine Ivers. This video project is going to be screened as part of the inaugural Inherit Ballyfermot Festival at the newly refurbished Ballyfermot Library, this September.

We have an amazing bunch of participants involved, as well as guest speakers from the world of film, video and new media: Dr. Eve Olney, pictured above, (Visual Ethnography), Mark O’Halloran (Writer/Actor and Filmmaker), Eoghan Kidney (Director) and Lisa Fingleton (Documentary Filmmaker). I’m working closely with Gudmund Krogsrud and Phillip Cullen at The Base to bring this project to fruition.

We’re not exactly sure what the final result will be, but it will draw inspiration from the heritage of Ballyfermot, the placenames and people, and from the early forms of episodic film-making known as Film Serials, or Follier Uppers colloquial Dublin terminology.

This project is supported by Dublin City Council and Ballyfermot Partnership.

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