Difference Engine @ LCGA

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Some installation images from the current Difference Engine exhibition at the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

Difference Engine – ACCUMULATOR III

Difference Engine is an evolving touring exhibition by artists Mark Cullen, Wendy Judge, Gillian Lawler & Jessica Foley, featuring Gordon Cheung.

Taking the ‘first’ computer as a namesake, and adopting Charles Babbage’s observation that ‘Jamming is a form of error detection’ as our imaginative jumping off point, Difference Engine plays with the idea of ‘jamming’. In one sense ‘jamming’ signifies stasis, shock, or rupture, but in another sense, it signifies change, growth, improvisation and invigoration between players.

With this in mind, we work together through art. In many ways, Difference Engine operates similarly to oral storytelling, where the story changes each time it is spoken. Only, with Difference Engine, the story is made up of visuals, objects and props, as well as words. There isn’t one set narrative, and so there is a call to the audience to build their own associations and narratives from the pieces we present and organise in the exhibition space. The works brought together through Difference Engine weave personal concerns with concepts of science, geologic time, language, architecture and economics.


Limerick City Gallery of Art
Phone: +353(0)61-310633
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email: artgallery@limerickcity.ie Follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/limerickgallery

Opening hours:
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 10am-5.30pm
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Limerick City Gallery of Art
Carnegie Building,
Pery Square,

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