I’m delighted to have been invited to speak about my research at this exhibition/seminar this week as part of Engineers Week at the DRAWING PROJECT. Essentially, I’m going to be presenting a rough draft of my thesis, ‘Engineering Fictions’, for the first time to a public audience – suffice it to say I’m a little bit nervous. My CTVR colleague and Phd. supervisor Linda Doyle will be presenting also, so that’ll calm the nerves a bit. She’s not to be missed! (You can see her TEDx talk on the ‘Republic of Radio’ here)

Here’s the spiel on the event:

You are invited to ‘ingenious’…
A showcase of work engaged with the intersection of art, technology and engineering at drawing project Wed 12th – Fri 14th Feb.
Opening wed 12th 2pm.
As part of next week’s ‘Ingenious’ showcase, IADT’s contribution to celebrating Engineering Week, there will be a seminar from 3-5pm on wed 12th Feb in the Drawing Project with invited speakers Prof. Linda Doyle (Engineering,CTVR,TCD), Fiona Marron, Artist and IADT graduate, Jessica Foley, Artist PhD researcher and Julie Merriman Artist and IADT graduate. The seminar will focus on the relationship between art, technology and engineering.

Showcase open to public Thursday 13th Feb 10-1pm 2-5pm, Friday 14th Feb 10-1pm, 2-5pm

Artist Julie Merriman will present an exhibition of work ‘part drawings’ opening on the same day and continuing until Feb 25th
All welcome.


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