Commissioning a ‘Grey Area’…

CTVR are a leading national and international telecommunications research centre headquartered at Trinity College Dublin. It’s also the location of my PhD research. While CTVR’s research focuses on communication technologies and infrastructures which will shape the communications networks of the future, we are keenly aware of our broader material and ideational influence within human society and of our ecological impact upon the planet. We want to develop better ways for thinking through these influences and impacts, and so we have been developing a practice called Inreach to this effect. (Developing Inreach has been the focus of my PhD research)

For the past number of years CTVR have been working with artists, media practitioners and theorists, social entrepreneurs and researchers from an array of disciplines and practices. Currently we have several artists and one social entrepreneur in residence at CTVR, and several collaborative projects are in development.

We are particularly excited to have the support of artist Seoidin O’Sullivan and architect Karol O’Mahony for one of these projects. We have commissioned Séoidin and Karol to develop an iteration of their work Seating System within CTVR, on an unoccupied fourth floor landing within Dunlop Oriel House, which we have provisionally dubbed Grey Area. This will be a major work. It will enhance the research space for researchers within CTVR and become a studio-like environment for ideation and material manipulation, and for supporting casual, friendly encounters between people in the building. It will offer a flexible habitat for visitors to CTVR, artists-in-residence and CTVR researchers to work together intimately and creatively. This work is an exciting initiative which will open up possibilities for further research and will enable CTVR to develop and mature our philosophy and praxis of communication.

We are aiming to have this commission completed to coincide with the CTVR/D.A.T.A. OpenHere festival to take place mid-November 2014.

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