Paolo Friere in conversation with Seymour Papert, late 1980’s.

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Came upon this television recording of Paolo Freire and Seymour Papert discussing Education, Schooling and the advent of the Computer. It’s recorded at the end of the 80’s, and it’s really fascinating for me to watch, as it suggests something of the Philosophy of Education that was at work while I was/am in the ‘second stage’ of Education/Learning that these two figures speak about. (I’m not versed on what these stages are, but Papert speaks of them briefly in the video. I understand that the second stage is formal education and/or schooling of the person. Considering I’m still studying formally, I’m still in the second stage… I really must find out what this means!)

Here’s the link to the video:

I’m unhelpfully screen-grabbing sections that I find stimulating, but do not fully understand why or how they support my own thinking. I like how Freire is fiercely defensive of a Pedagogy of the Question, a Pedagogy of Curiosity. The interlocution demonstrates something of the tension in language use and how we represent our ideas or philosophies. The tension feels paradoxical because they are both really speaking of and endorsing the same thing for education, teaching and learning. The language is lagging. And, as Freire points out, we are contemporaneous creatures… there is a certain sense in which it is only through our imaginations that we will be able to keep up with each other…

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