Openhere Starts Tomorrow

I’ll be supporting Rachel O’Dwyer and CTVR’s exciting Open Here festival at the Science Gallery from tomorrow – checking tickets and roving with a mic post-talks. Looking forward to learning heaps!

provisional university


The Openhere conference/festival starts tomorrow in the Science Gallery, Dublin. The three-day program all looks really interesting – a great line-up of speakers – but perhaps most interesting for us are the talks by Brett Scott on open-source financing and the interview with the Robin Hood Collective who ask:

“Could we bend the financialization of the economy to the advantage of precarious workers? Could we challenge the debt mechanism of control, the command to submit to any work and the limited options we have for financing our living? Could we think of sharing the means of creating money that financial capital has in its use, of putting them to work for us also? Could we think of a relation to money, not as binding us with debt and to capital relations, but as a means of freedom, escape, and increased independence? Could we appropriate the power of money, not only…

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