Recognising a Commons…

The Provisional University have a series of talks documented on their website which were presented at their event “Struggles in Common” which took place on May 18th, 2013. One of these is given by Séoidin O’Sullivan, an artist and activist who is working with CTVR/CONNECT to develop a ‘Grey Space’ for researchers within the telecommunications research centre at Dunlop Oriel House. We’ve invited her and her collaborator Karol O’Mahony to articulate an evolution of ‘Seating System’. This should be completed early in 2015.

The talk that Séoidin gives is valuable as an insight into the activist motivations underpinning her broad practice. In this talk she is speaking about a community garden which she helped to establish in the Rialto area of Dublin City. It’s really interesting for me, as the (neophyte) commissioner of ‘Grey Space’ at Dunlop Oriel House, to hear Séoidin speak of nature as generous and abundant. This echo’s CTVR/CONNECT”s director Linda Doyle’s expression of ‘managing resources into abundance’, rather than into scarcity. The Commons is everywhere. Séoidin’s work aims at generating recognition of the commons. It is difficult to see. It is invisible, intangible, yet powerful. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is a literal-metaphor of the Commons. The struggles ongoing in that ‘territory’ echo the struggles of workers like Séoidin and others, who are drawing attention to enclosure and the dispossession of the commons.

Listen & Watch:

Struggles in Common – Provisional University

Linda Doyle  – TEDx talk

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