Did you know that Jules Verne lived in Amiens, North France? 

There’s a street near here, a road really, called Amiens St. I wonder if its not the same place? Amiens. It was completely bombarded during the wars. World war one and two. I know all this just because I came across a little booklet of postcards called Amiens: Apres la Bombardment. They made postcards of the devastation…

For people to send?

That’s the thing, postcards are meant to be sent around aren’t they? They aren’t always. They become collectors items. I own the postcards now. I’ve collected them. And I’ll start looking into Amiens now. I might even go and visit the place. And take a look at Jules Verne’s old house. Start reading his books….

He used to write between the morning hours of 5am and 11am. 

I wonder what time he went to sleep at? I wonder did he stumble out of bed the way I do, bleary eyed and thick headed, and would he put pen to paper before he’d even woken up? Were they all his dreams? The floating Island? Journey to the centre of the earth?

He travelled more than most of that time. The late 1800’s. 

Is that the Edwardian period? Is that my new fascination? Who was Edward?

I will visit Amiens.

Why not. It’s not far, north of paris, one could get a Ferry and train there. Foot passenger. I was in a cafe the other day and heard an exchange between the waitress and my friend. The waitress had been on yoga retreats with my friend. She’d been away, my friend had noticed. The waitress said she had been doing the Camino. The long walk. Ambition. Desire. Motivation…

I am motivated by stories I haven’t yet encountered, by places and histories that might offer my imagination some nourishment. My dreams are formed of possibilities and disasters.