It costs the Earth to Grow Up…

Every human being has paid the earth to grow up, most people don’t grow up. It’s so damn difficult. What happens is most people get older. That’s the truth of it. They honour their credit cards, they find parking spaces, they marry, they have the nerve to have children… But they don’t grow up. Not really. They get older.

But to grow up costs the Earth. It means you take responsibility for the time you take up and the space you occupy. Grow up. Serious business.

And what it costs to love and to lose. To dare and to fail. And maybe even more to succeed. What it costs in truth, not superficial, anybody can do that, I mean in truth. That’s what I write. What it really is like. And I’m just telling a very simple story.

Maya Angelou [quote starts @ 17.50mins]

Maya Angelou in conversation with George Plimpton, part of a collaboration between 92Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center and The Paris Review, was recorded live at 92Y on January 11, 1988.