I am a conceptual writer, teacher and researcher working holistically across the fields of contemporary visual art and conceptual writing, telecommunications engineering, networked digital technology and society. I have a specific interest in the forms and power of fiction and how these shape human and more-than-human relationships over time. My work, whether as a teacher, researcher or maker, is context sensitive, historically aware and process led.

Currently, I am an IRC Postdoctoral Researcher with the Social Sciences Institute at Maynooth University and an affiliate researcher with CONNECT. I am preparing a book (working title: Academic Fictions) on the pedagogy of Engineering Fictions, a research-creation process to de-familiarise and critically reflect upon the roles and responsibilities of networked digital technology research and implementation.

A key method in my research-creation practice is Engineering Fictions (and its double Stranger Fictions), a context/concept sensitive, tale-telling, writing workshop that invites ICT-oriented researchers and practitioners to explore topics and materials relating to technology, social, cultural, environmental and political life. Engineering Fictions began as a two-word poem in 2013, and has since become a nomadic workshop that supports people to respond imaginatively and critically to networked digital technologies. The process of Engineering Fictions fosters technological awareness through simple acts of storytelling, conversation, writing exercises and improvisations. (To inquire about booking and devising an Engineering Fictions session contact jessica[.]dylan[.]foley[@]gmail.com.)

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