I am a writer, audio-artist and creative pedagogist. I am a co-founding member of the Orthogonal Methods Group and Writer-in-Residence at CONNECT.

For the past seven years, I have worked in the context of Information and Communications Technology Research. From 2010 to 2011, I worked as creative pedagogist with Prof. Linda Doyle at CTVR, where I explored the role of Education and Outreach in the field of telecommunications research. During this time, I began improvising a co-creative approach to field-work with telecommunications engineers to critically explore ways of ‘communicating communications’.

From 2011 to 2015, I extended this intuitive work into doctoral research, supervised by Prof. Linda Doyle, and in 2016 I successfully defended my PhD thesis: “inreach – A Choreographic Process of Transversality” (External examiner: Dr. Laura Watts). The process of inreach frames and enacts creative experiments (e.g.: Engineering Fictionsthat support critical and creative thinking, imagination, and dialogic communication within contexts of science and engineering research (i.e.: CTVR/CONNECT). This research process was instrumental in establishing conditions for the development of artistic and orthogonal research methods within CONNECT. For a shortlist of Academic Papers and Presentations click here.

For over ten years, I have worked in contexts of Contemporary Visual Art and Education, as a curator, writer, creative pedagogist and audio-artist. I work contingently with people and contexts, materials and texts, and enjoy opening up possibilities for embodied criticality and creative thinking in ways that can support processes of change, healthy relations of difference and the enlargement of generosity and community.

Since 2009, I’ve been a member of Difference Engine, a touring exhibition of iterative mixed media work with artists Gillian Lawler, Wendy Judge, Mark Cullen and featuring Gordon Cheung. In 2007, I established The Writing Workshop with curator/writer Jessamyn Fiore, and together with many other writers and artists, we have exhibited at PS1 and Union Docs, New York, Tate Modern, London, and with thisisnotashop, Dublin, a gallery developed by Aideen Darcy and Jessamyn Fiore.

My educational background is in Graphic Design (B.Des, LSAD), Art and Design Education (H.Dip LSAD) and Contemporary Art Theory (M.A. Art in the Contemporary World, NCAD).