I am an artist, researcher and teacher based in Dublin, Ireland.

As a writer, I work with words in a material way through installation, note-books and paper work. I write short stories, essays, experimental fiction, and texts for performance and film.

As a collaborator, I work contingently with people, contexts, materials and stories to open up possibilities for learning in a way that can support change for the good, enlarging generosity and community.

Since 2010, I’ve been working dialogically with engineering researchers at CONNECT (formerly CTVR), the national telecommunications research centre in Ireland. In this specific context, I have been developing a concept and methodology called inreach, a complement and counterpoint to more traditional approaches of Education and Outreach in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) contexts. Inreach is an open-ended conversational and choreographic process guided by artistic research practice and participant observation.

The process frames and enacts creative experiments (e.g.: Engineering Fictionsthat support lateral thinking, imagination, and ethical communication within and through CONNECT. The concept of inreach re-imagines CONNECT as a rambling house, a place where different traditions and cultures of knowledge (episteme), craft (techne) and phronesis (art) meet and mingle.

I’m currently a Post-Doctoral researcher with CONNECT, where I continue to develop a situated understanding of inreach in relation to broader discourses of interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research (e.g. STEAM; New Materialism), and as a potential way of enacting and developing an ethics of IoT (Internet-of-Things). I am working with a team of other research practitioners within CONNECT to establish a new research platform called the Orthogonal Methods Group.

Since 2009, I’ve been a member of Difference Engine, a touring exhibition of iterative mixed media work with artists Gillian Lawler, Wendy Judge, Mark Cullen and Gordon Cheung. In 2007, I established The Writing Workshop with curator/writer Jessamyn Fiore, and together with many other writers and artists, we have exhibited at PS1 and Union Docs, New York, Tate Modern, London, and with thisisnotashop, Dublin, a gallery developed by Aideen Darcy and Jessamyn Fiore.

My educational background is in Graphic Design (B.Des, LSAD), Art and Design Education (H.Dip LSAD) and Contemporary Art Theory (M.A. Art in the Contemporary World, NCAD).

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contact: jessica[.]dylan[.]foley[@]gmail[.]com