Bit Stories (IRC 2018-20)

In October 2018 I began an Irish Research Council funded project to explore the function of fiction in parsing the worlds of smart technologies, from Smart Cities to Internet of Things.

My aim is to;

  • host a number of exploratory writing workshops (Engineering Fictions and Stranger Fictions sessions) with researchers and stakeholders of Smart Cities and Internet of Things technologies and politics;
  • produce a collection of short fiction (prose/poetry);
  • articulate the role of creative and critical practices in academia through the preparation of a monograph, with the working title Academic Fictions.

I’ll be working with the Building City Dashboards team at Maynooth University and with various researchers (OMG, EDGE) working through CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin.

Along the way I will post on emerging insights and methodologies in my research. I’m keen to open up a wider conversation about the role of fiction and poetics in shaping research and technology. I’ll be using #bitstories #engineeringfictions and #openscholarship #loveirishresearch. I’ll post notes on my research through the blog on this website and also through twitter @JessicaDFoley.