Data Stories | Bit Fictions | Deep Maps

In October 2018 I began an Irish Research Council funded project to explore the function of fiction in parsing the worlds of smart technologies, from Smart Cities to Internet ofThings. My aim is to; host a number of exploratory writing workshops (as per EngineeringFictions and Stranger Fictions sessions) with researchers and stakeholdersof Smart Cities and Internet of Things […]

Stranger Fictions

Stranger Fictions is a forum for creative exploration through conversation and writing. It draws out themes and topics of concern to researchers working across the interdisciplinary fields of contemporary ICT research. Each session of Stranger Fictions focuses on a theme or topic chosen and developed by a member of the EDGE programme. The aims of each […]

Engineering Fictions

Engineering Fictions (ef) is a writing workshop devised to support transdisciplinary researchand communication through word play, writing and conversation. ef sessions structure conditions for thoughtful conversation and spontaneous writing that empowers new ways of thinking technology and research. The structure of ef is based on the roles of a host (the person and place that frames and holds the session […]

Orthogonal Methods Group

OMG The Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG) is a transdisciplinary research platform within CONNECT. OMG’s broad purpose is to generate new research orientations through CONNECT that can produce insights on technology, creativity and society. As a research platform, OMG aims to generate conditions for different researchers and publics to share ideas, raise questions and open up […]

inreach: A Choreographic Process of Transversality [PhD. Thesis 2016]

Abstract Inreach is a concept and methodology invented through artistic research and participant observation with the telecommunications research centre CTVR based in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Inreachwas invented to encourage creative and experimental processes of communication within this techno-scientific context, acting as a subtle yet powerful counterpoint and complement to ‘outreach’ styles and expectations of public engagement. The thesis […]