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The Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop (TWW) was founded in the summer of 2007 by Jessica Foley and Jessamyn Fiore, running until 2010.  TWW was catalysed by a shared desire to explore the possibilities of words and text. Members of TWW were keen to push their individual creativity through writing and on into other forms and media, and […]

Occupation (2008)

The values that belong to daydreaming mark humanity in its depths Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space Occupation was developed over the summer of 2008 within the Birr Union Workhouse as part of About 100 Experiments curated by Eilís Lavelle. The work involved creating poetic writings and sound pieces while resident in the attic of the workhouse. These pieces […]

Flux Clinic: Experiments in Measurement (2009)

Written, Directed & Documented by Jessica Foley.  Supported by thisisnotashop and The Market Studios, Dublin, Ireland. This ‘Clinic’ began with notes sent from FLUXUS artist Larry Miller – these were the blueprints – a story of a story retold. The possibility of copying was eliminated – this was interpretation – this was finding an artifact, […]

Difference Engine

Difference Engine is an evolving touring exhibition since 2009.

Occupational Detour

Alchemical Reserve

Alchemical Reserve is an experiment in co-working and developing art making processes between artists Jessica Foley and Siobhán McDonald.

Inherit Ballyfermot – Slips & Stories


Engineering Fictions

An uncreative writing platform for community and institutional contexts.

Elsie’s Counter

Grey Space