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Rehearsal of Elsie’s Counter at The Highlanes Gallery, 2013, prior to live recording in front an audience. L-R: Stephen Brennan, Jessica Foley, Maura Foley and Anita Reeves.

Elsie’s Counter is installed at the RHA as part of the Drogheda Municipal CollectionDrogheda Municipal Collection Exhibition, 5th October – 19th Nov. Listenings of the vinyl play each day at 1pm and by request, featuring Anita Reeves, Stephen Brennan and Maura Foley (Approx. 30 mins duration).

1967-2017 An exhibition curated by the Orthogonal Methods Group (CONNECT) as part of the Coast-Lines exhibition at IMMA. The OMG will be hosting various events, talks and workshops as part of this exhibition into 2018. Watch this space.


HearSay International Audio Arts Festival 2017Signal to Noise Experience with Rachel Ní Chuinn and Jessica Foley, 29th September to October 1st, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick.

Difference EngineTRAVELLATOR, ONONO Gallery, 8th to 23rd September, Rotterdam. Supported by Culture Ireland.

PHONICA SIX, Smock Alley Boys School Theatre, 17th July 2017.

Diffractive PedagogiesACLA, Utrecht University July 6th to 9th 2017.