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Artistic Strategies for Engaging with Algorithms and Big-Data, NCAD, 29-30 August (New Foundations IRC funded workshop led by Dr. Rachel O’Dwyer).


Orienteering Fictions, a series of writing and walking workshops with the Building City Dashboards Team and CONNECT, exploring city dashboards and smart city technologies through processes of fiction, poetry and language, June 2019. Over the coming year, the materials and insights gleaned through these workshops will be distilled with other research into a collection of creative and critical texts for publication as part of my IRC research.

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Acquatic Cultures and the Digital Environmental Humanities, The Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 9-10 August 2019 (New Foundations IRC funded workshop led by Dr. James Smith). A creative inquiry session exploring relationships with water and infrastructure through open-air observational writing along the bridges of the Liffey, followed by collective, improvised compositions of cento poems.

5th International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin, 2-3 May 2019. Presenting a panel on Fiction as Orienteering and a solo presentation on Engineering Stranger Fictions. 

European Poetry Festival, Reading at the Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, Co. Kildare on Monday 15th April. Curated by Christodolous Makris and Stephen J. Fowler.

Hear Say International Audio Festival 2019, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick, 4-7 April. A Chocolate Box session presenting a beta-version of the forthcoming Stranger Fictions website, designed by Alex Synge|The First 47.