Orthogonal Methods Group


The Orthogonal Methods Group (OMG) is a transdisciplinary research platform within CONNECT. OMG’s broad purpose is to generate new research orientations through CONNECT that can produce insights on technology, creativity and society. As a research platform, OMG aims to generate conditions for different researchers and publics to share ideas, raise questions and open up critical dialogue about ICT research with key stakeholders.


INREACH supports transdisciplinary research and reflexivity within the wider CONNECT research programme. INREACH encourages CONNECT researchers to reflect on the ethics, politics and aesthetics of network and communications engineering research. By bringing different modes of inquiry and knowledges into relation with CONNECT’s mainstream research, INREACH activities generate new conversations and collaborations amongst CONNECT researchers through creative and improvisational practices.


OMG’s OUTREACH activities share critical perspectives on CONNECT’s research agenda. Debates around environmental, social, political, ethical, aesthetic and economic issues inform a range of public-facing research activities including exhibitions, talks, seminars, workshops and writings beyond traditional academic publications. OUTREACH actions are intended to appeal to the general public as well as academic audiences, acting as a way to propagate OMG’s research beyond CONNECT.


OMG consists of postdoctoral, postgraduate and visiting/associate researchers located within CONNECT at TCD and Maynooth University and at partner institutions NCAD and IADT. The group’s  individual research practices span a variety of approaches and disciplines, including Science and Technology Studies, Feminist Epistemology, Computer Science, Urban Planning, Critical Theory, Art, Engineering and Architecture. 


Designing for the Unknown (DFTU) is an Orthogonal Methods Group-led research project within CONNECT in 2019 and 2020. DFTU aims to aid CONNECT researchers in producing cutting edge research with an awareness of its role and impact in society across technical, social and environmental domains. Different disciplinary knowledges are brought into contact with the research at CONNECT through a series of regular discussions and other events that establish new conversations and collaborations between CONNECT researchers and different academic disciplines. DFTU creates two-way communication between CONNECT and the public and with leading academics through a public lecture and seminar series that includes invited speakers including Shannon Mattern (the New School, US), Stephanie Hankey (Tactical Tech, DE), Francesca Bria (CTO Barcelona, ES), Patrick Brodie (Concordia University, CA) and Paul O’Neill (DCU).