Data Stories | Bit Fictions | Deep Maps: An IRC-funded Research Project with MUSSI and CONNECT 2018-2020

Sonnet, written by a contributor to the second Engineering Fictions session with the Building City Dashboards team at MUSSI, February 2019.

This project is exploring how fiction, as both a process of narrative inquiry and as political and generative materials in the world, might function as a way to help make sense of the affective imaginaries and power relations at work through information and communications technology (ICT) research. Im working with the Building City Dashboards team at MUSSI and with various researchers through CONNECT, thinking laterally with them about the affordances of instruments like city dashboards and internet of things technologies, and what they might mean for community and communication.

Though I’ve been working on the project since October 2018, here marks the beginning of an account of my research-creation process so far. (Im all about slow research!)

I’ll be posting retrospectively over the summer, taking stock of the workshops and conferences that have taken place and offering some patterns and insights that have emerged thus far.