Engineering Fictions

Engineering Fictions (ef) is a writing workshop devised to support transdisciplinary research
and communication through word play, writing and conversation.

ef sessions structure conditions for thoughtful conversation and spontaneous writing that empowers new ways of thinking technology and research.

The structure of ef is based on the roles of a host (the person and place that frames and holds the session open), a catalyst (a person who wishes to share something with a an open-minded group) and a seed-topic (prepared in dialogue between the host and
catalyst) which happens within the shifting forum of people who gather into each session. The final role is that of a community of interest who gather to listen, converse and write in response to the seed-topic.

The ef sessions change over time and in contingency with the context and people
involved. Each session can accommodate 10-12 members who participate through a light, partially improvised framework developed between the host, catalyst and seed. The time and place of the sessions depends on the context and the catalyst of each session.

ef is created and devised by Jessica Foley.